Tungsten is a tough mineral that's almost completely indestructible. Tungsten gets its name from a Swedish word that means "heavy stone." It's simply the toughest metal in the world. . It's as hard as a sapphire, four times harder than titanium, five times harder than steel, and 10 times harder than 18-karat gold.It will always keep its shine and never lose its luster. They are an excellent choice for its benefits and durability.


Tough and durable

Scratch resistance

Mix colors and make it unique



It can’t be resized. Due to its hardness, tungsten rings can’t be resized or stretched. It’s best get the the precise ring measurements before placing an order to ensure comfort fit.

You may take a long time to decide due to the variety of colors, styles and inlays. This may not be a con for some but for others, deciding may be prolonged :)