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Wood Rings

Madera Bands uses special coatings to ensure wood rings last a lifetime. These one-of-a-kind wood  rings still need TLC however it can be as hard and durable as Tungsten rings. 

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Deer Antler Rings

Talk about unique. Deer Antler rings are by far the coolest bands. The rings get accented with durable metals and quality materials to ensure they are durable bands. 

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Abalone Shell Rings

Three words. Comfort. Stylish. Durable. Abalone shells are great rings and when created with tungsten material, they will last a lifetime!

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Damascus Steel Rings

Damascus Steel Rings are great rings. They are resistant to rusting. Aside from being beautiful rings, they are affordable and extremely durable. 

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Carbon Fiber Rings

Carbon Fiber is popularly used in specialized, high-performance products like airplanes, racecars and sporting equipment. It is a very strong, yet lightweight material that has the potential to replace steel. 

Not for nothing, but all your buddies will be jelly of your ring!

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Tungsten Rings

Tungsten is 10x harder than 18k Gold and has the heavy weight of solid gold pieces. Life lasting and resistance to scratching. It will not bend, it’s best known for its durability and comfort. It can be worn daily with out the worry of damaging or scratching it.

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Meteorite Rings

Meteorite gets its name from the mere fact that it came from outer space as debris of asteroids and comets. Our exclusive meteorite collection features genuine Gibeon meteorite.

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Titanium Rings

Titanium is very affordable. It will last a lifetime and is grea for those that have Nickel Allegry. It's an excellent investment. Titanium rings are very lightweight and great rings. 

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Gold & Rose Gold Rings

Nothing is more classic than gold. They say good things come to an end. But Gold begs to differ. It will forever be one of the top choices for kings, emperors, and manly men alike.

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