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We’ve been crafting one-of-a-kind unique jewelry gifts since 2016. Over the years, we’ve helped countless customers to select the perfect ring gifts, so we decided to create this jewelry gift guide to make your shopping experience a little easier. Whatever the occasion may be, you’re bound to find a unique wedding band at Madera Bands. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

1. Interstellar Love

The Romeo Gold ring

Give your loved one a slice of heaven! Our meteorite rings are made with genuine Gibeon meteorites that traveled through space and landed here on Earth in prehistoric times—talk about an antique!

These rings make highly unique women’s and men’s jewelry gifts because of the rare and exclusive materials they contain. Each meteorite ring comes with a Gibeon Meteorite certificate of authenticity. Your loved one deserves a special gift that is far from ordinary, and out of this world! While these rings will be especially appealing to the stargazers out there, anyone can appreciate their fascinating backstory and breathtaking style.

2. Unbreakable Bonds

The Black Panther ring

If you’re shopping for someone who has an active lifestyle, consider a modern ring crafted from tungsten. No matter what kind of wear and tear these rings may endure, these indestructible rings will retain their shape and beauty. After all, tungsten is Earth’s strongest metal! It’s 10x stronger than gold while offering a similar weight and density. 

Toughness isn’t the only reason to choose tungsten. These women’s and men’s jewelry gifts are sleek and stylish. These are ring gifts with a modern-yet-timeless aesthetic that’ll never go out of style.

3. Soundtrack of Life

The Guitarist ring

A guitar string ring is sure to thrill the rock and roller in your life! Of course, any strummer would be honored to receive such a legendary treasure, but anyone with an artistic spirit will know that these pieces hit all the right notes. 

Blast your loved one’s favorite guitar solo as you give them this gift. Not only will you create an amazing memory, but they’ll think of you fondly every time they hear that song. Or, you could pair these women’s and men’s jewelry gifts with an original love song! These rings also make great companion gifts to concert tickets.

4. Rural & Rustic

The Hunter ring

Shopping for an outdoorsman or outdoorswoman? A naturally shed deer antler ring will thrill anyone with a deep connection to nature. Every set of antlers is unique, so each of these rings is truly a one-of-a-kind item. 

Deer antlers symbolize strength and the ebb and flow of life. Give a gift that will hold deep meaning for its owner. We offer a variety of unique styles, so hunt around to find the one that fits the person you love most.

5. Cheers to the Years

The Tennessee ring

If you’re shopping for women’s and men’s jewelry gifts that age like a fine bourbon, consider a ring made from whiskey barrel wood! They make amazing ring gifts for the bibulous whiskey sipper in your life, but one doesn’t need to indulge in spirits to recognize great style.

6. E Hoomau Maua Kealoha (May Our Love Last Forever)

The Oasis ring

Our collection of wooden rings also features koa wood—an incredibly rare wood species that is only found in Hawaii. In fact, koa is so treasured that the only way to obtain it is to harvest dead, fallen, or compromised koa trees!

7. Aquatic Awe

The Fisherman ring

Abalone rings make wonderful women’s and men’s jewelry gifts for the person who adores the ocean. One of Earth’s most breathtaking elements, abalone shells are an ethereal feast for the eyes, shimmering with iridescent shades of peacock blue and green, as well as dreamy undertones of turquoise, gold, blue, purple, and many other hues. 

The shells of abalone are exotic treasures that come from the frigid coastal waters of New Zealand, Japan, Australia, and South Africa. While they’re technically Earth-made, they have an otherworldly look, unlike any other material on the planet.

8. Celebrate the Good Times

The Prestige watch

Shopping for a guy who doesn’t typically wear jewelry? We have you covered. Modern watches make superb men’s jewelry gifts, but only if you choose the right one. Our modern timepieces are super versatile, undeniably stylish, and made to our rigid quality standards.

Find Unique Jewelry Gifts at Madera Bands

We’ve only scratched the surface in this jewelry gift guide! Shop all of our products to discover more ring gifts made from unique and exotic materials from all over the world (and beyond!). To make your present extra special, give it a personalized touch with a laser-engraved message. 

Your order includes free shipping, and all non-engraved products are backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. Questions? Contact us anytime. Shop one-of-a-kind women’s and men’s jewelry gifts at Madera Bands.