Welcome to Madera Bands. We are thrilled you chose us! We spare no expense in creating amazing, yet affordable men's rings. We go out of our way to find the highest quality materials that will last a lifetime. Our warranty guarantees the following:


Warranty Info:

All rings will come with 1 Year warranty and a lifetime warranty on all products after 1 year (with a $75 processing fee per ring). If purchased a ring and it has manufacturing defect such as gemstone fall out, breaking, chipping, minor scratches, it will be replaced. Photo of the ring damage is required for warranty replacement. You can email this to help@maderabands.com. Please note: If a replacement of the same ring is not available, a similar ring of the same value may be available. 

One replacement within 1 year warranty is covered. Size change is not covered. After 1 year this warranty, your lifetime warranty begins with the $75 processing fee per ring. This includes all rings, including engraving rings. 

Warranty does not cover:

Warranty rings can not have size changed. If customer needs a warranty ring with a new size that is not the size of the original ring, a new ring will need to be purchased.   

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How Can I Contact Madera Bands?

Due to high call volume, via phone, you may experience longer wait times to contact Customer Service.

Live Chat: Monday - Friday 10am-5pm EST

Existing orders (Exchanges & Returns Inquiry) Email: help@maderabands.com

New Customers (Product & warranty questions or any other inquiry) Email: info@maderabands.com