a groom standing with his groomsmen smiling

Your other half isn’t the only important person standing up there with you on your special day – you’ve got your groomsmen! The crew that’s been with you through thick and thin, along with all of that insane wedding planning, you have a lot to thank them for. With all that they’ve done, the pressure is on to find them the very best groomsmen gifts. But you can’t just give them anything. We’ve rounded up the six best unique groomsmen gifts that your best buds will be sure to love.

1. One-of-a-Kind Men’s Ring

tungsten meteorite groomsmen ring

Giving your groomsmen a gift that’s equal parts functional, personal, and one-of-a-kind is a difficult feat – a modern men’s groomsmen ring covers all three. Great as a stand-alone or paired with another one of the unique groomsmen gifts on our list, this provides the opportunity to get really creative. 

Consider the interests, hobbies, styles, and personalities of your groomsmen and choose bands that reflect them the best. Are they bold men with sleek styles? Black bands for men are a powerful classic. Do they share a love of the outdoors? Deer antler rings or men’s wood bands express their personality perfectly. Get a match set for the whole gang, or find a different ring special to each groomsman. Your wedding party will be enjoying this gift for years to come.

2. Whiskey Glasses

whiskey glasses unique groomsmen gift

If your groomsmen are big whiskey fans, there are few gifts better than a personalized whiskey glass. It’s a great way to express just how much they mean to you and makes for a cool addition to a collection. Plus, it’s super practical for enjoying their beverage of choice. 

For a groomsmen gift that they won’t forget, pair their whiskey glasses with a groomsmen ring handcrafted using aged whiskey barrel wood. It’s double the enjoyment of whiskey!

3. Instant Print Cameras

 instant camera with printed photos

When it comes to shopping for unique groomsmen gifts, you still want them to be personalized to the guys that your groomsmen are. If you know that they don’t really like whiskey, you wouldn’t want to get them a whiskey-themed gift! If they’re on the more artistic side, an instant print camera is a fun choice. Besides being a cool retro gift, cameras encourage your groomsmen to take a ton of awesome candid shots of your big day. It’s a win-win for you and your crew. 

Complement instant print cameras with artistic rings for groomsmen, crafted using one-of-a-kind designs and materials like genuine meteorite.

4. Quality Headphones

 man wearing white headphones and holding phone

While many opt to go for sunglasses as a wearable groomsmen gift, you want to go for something a little more unique – while still remaining practical. For the music lovers out there, a pair of headphones is the best unique groomsmen gift. In addition to being completely functional, it’s a thoughtful gift that was chosen specifically based on their interests. 

Each time they break out their headphones to listen to their stellar playlist, they’ll think of their time as a groomsman for their closest friend. For the ultimate musical gift, nothing beats pairing cool headphones with groomsmen rings made using actual guitar strings. It’s guaranteed that they’ve never seen a groomsmen gift like this before.

5. Quirky, Cool Socks

pair of dress shoes with printed socks

This gift is for those that have an appreciation for classic groomsmen gifts. While getting socks as a kid may have caused some cringing in disappointment, it’s a little different in adulthood. Your crew will love getting a fun pair of socks that feature a quirky print. 

The great thing about personalization is that you can customize it any way you want, whether that’s a dessert print for foodies or a print of your face for those that want a good laugh. They’re one of the best unique groomsmen gifts for everyone – even your important executive friends will want to wear them under their suits.

6. Bespoke Experience

people skydiving in the air

If you want to give a gift that’s completely different, a one-of-a-kind experience may be exactly what you’re looking for. Since there are so many options out there, you’ll need to narrow it down to something that’s personalized to the interests or hobbies of your groomsmen. For example, if your buds are big on the outdoors, experiences like skydiving or an annual pass to a national park may be a better option. Sports fans, on the other hand, may enjoy something like professional golf lessons.

If you still want to give a physical gift along with their unique groomsmen gift experience, a groomsmen ring that’s made for adventure is the perfect accompaniment.

Finding Unique Groomsmen Gifts

If you’re feeling a little lost with finding groomsmen gifts for your crew, don’t worry about it too much. Whether you go for a traditional groomsmen gift or something that’s off the beaten path, they’ll be sure to appreciate the thought. Start exploring modern men’s bands to find the best groomsmen gifts for your wedding party today!