two hands with matching couple’s wedding rings

One burning question that inevitably comes up between a couple is whether you should get matching bands. Maybe you love the symbolism of matching bands that represent the bond between two people, or perhaps you never thought you’d match because you’re not into the traditional couples’ styles that have been around for decades. 

While there’s no rule that says you have to wear matching bands, trust us when we say that matching certainly doesn’t mean boring. You have plenty of unique couples’ ring options perfect for every personality and style. Keep reading to discover six of the cutest his and hers matching wedding ring sets.

1. The Han & Leia

his and hers matching tungsten and meteorite wedding ring set

Like Han and Leia, your love is out of this world. A love like that calls for unique his and her wedding bands that are just as special. Express your intergalactic love story with meteorite wedding bands for two. 

These wedding bands for couples were handcrafted using genuine Gibeon meteorites, fallen to Earth after traveling through space for countless years. Rare and super special, meteorite has become a popular wedding band material for couples who want to break the mold. This his and hers matching wedding ring set pairs ultra-strong tungsten with the distinct patterns of meteorite to give you couples’ rings that are as unique and strong as your love.

2. The Romeo & Juliet

rose gold and meteorite unique couple’s rings

Your love is a story for the ages -– just like Romeo and Juliet. A bond of those proportions deserves rare and special wedding bands that only the universe could craft. 

Handcrafted using tungsten rose gold and genuine Gibeon meteorite, the Romeo & Juliet is one his and hers matching wedding ring set that you and your partner will love. Since each meteorite has its own distinct pattern, no two bands are exactly the same! 

Combined with the incredible durability and modern appearance of tungsten, this is a modern romantic set that can’t be beat.

3. The Rose Beast & Beauty

unique 14k rose gold-plated tungsten and white opal unique couples’ rings

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you to be our guest as you discover a matching his and hers wedding ring set worthy of your fairytale romance. Lavish yet elegant, these enchanting bands are lovingly crafted from shimmering white opal and rose-gold-plated tungsten that boasts beast-like strength that would make Gaston blush. Put an original spin on a tale as old as time.

4. The Romeo & Juliet 2.0

black tungsten and meteorite unique couples’ rings

The Romeo & Juliet 2.0 is a sleek, modern take on the original Shakespearean set above. A superb choice for those who prefer the darker side of jewelry, these modern rings are crafted with black tungsten and genuine Gibeon meteorite. While these shadowy bands offer a moody aesthetic, they exude luxury and class, delivering just enough ethereal shine. 

This his and hers matching wedding ring set is sure to please those who defy convention, abandon the norm, and embrace the path less traveled. Treasure unique couples’ rings that were forged in space — all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun.

5. The Jack and Rose

rose gold couple’s wedding bands

Classics lovers, this one’s for you. After decades of popularity, many couples are choosing to turn away from traditional silver and gold wedding bands in favor of something a little different. However, wanting a unique couple’s ring doesn’t necessarily mean you want to give up the luxurious shine and appeal of the classics. 

Rose gold wedding bands are the perfect answer if you’re looking for simplistic, yet eye-catching couples’ rings that capture your originality. The contemporary alternative to traditional metals, the beautiful Jack and Rose his and hers matching wedding ring set will become your new style staple since it goes with any- and everything in your closet.

6. The Rogue and Gambit

black and red hammered tungsten couple’s wedding rings

Be the legendary couple that you are with the Rogue and Gambit. Like any superhero-worthy couple’s wedding bands, this set is handcrafted using tungsten. What makes tungsten so special, you ask? Tungsten is known as one of the most durable and strongest metals on Earth, 10 times stronger than gold! Like meteorites, modern couples have turned to tungsten in their search for unique his and hers matching wedding ring sets. 

These bands are extra special, because it features an authentic cherry opal inlay paired with hammered black tungsten. The result is a fiery, one-of-a-kind representation of your burning love.

Find Your Perfect Match

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No couple quite does love and life like the two of you, which is why you deserve to have a couple's bands that are unique to your love. Explore more his and hers matching wedding ring sets and other unique wedding bands at Madera Bands to find your perfect match. For an extra special addition to your matching couples’ set, we offer personalized laser-engraved messages!