A groom putting a wedding ring on the bride’s finger

Whether you’re a smitten groom shopping for unique, alternative wedding bands for her, or a beloved bride seeking your own perfect traditional piece, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Madera Bands, we carry a wide variety of distinctive designs you won’t find anywhere else, as well as elevated versions of tried-and-true classics.

Choosing unique wedding bands is such a special chapter in a couple’s story, but it’s no secret that it can be a tricky process, too! We’re here to help. We have a whole lot of experience in both crafting and curating wedding rings, and we’re more than happy to share our expertise.
Here’s a look at four women’s wedding band styles to consider as you make this once-in-a-lifetime decision.

1. Earth’s Finest Elements

Interested in owning a truly one-of-a-kind piece? Consider a wedding ring made from rare, exotic materials sourced from the planet—or even from outer space! There’s something so magical about having a natural treasure on your finger at all times. It’s a wonderful reminder of how we’re part of something bigger than us and how blessed we are to be surrounded by endless beauty.


opal couples’ wedding ring set

For those who are fond of colorful jewelry, consider our opal wedding band sets. Opals are gemstones that are formed deep within the Earth over the course of millions of years—talk about timeless women’s wedding band styles! 

Named from the ancient Greek word opallios, which means “to see a color change,” these iridescent gemstones possess enchanting color-shifting properties, especially when they catch the light. Fun fact: These alternative wedding bands for her actually contain water from pre-prehistoric times!


meteorite couples’ wedding ring set

Meteorite rings are sure to delight the bride with an affinity for infinity! These otherworldly rings are crafted from authentic pieces of Gibeon meteorite that traversed space for millennia until reaching their final destination on the pale blue dot we call Earth. Gibeon meteorites are approximately 4.5 billion years old—now that’s an antique!

Not only are these women’s wedding band styles gorgeous and fascinating, but they’re extremely rare, too. The vast majority of Gibeon meteorite pieces are held in museums or personal collections, and, naturally, there’s a finite supply of them available. Treasure yours for life, and make it a family heirloom that thrills the next generation.

2. Classic Gold

The Classic Couple gold wedding ring set

For those seeking something more on the traditional side, consider one of our timeless yellow gold wedding bands, rose gold wedding bands, or white gold wedding bands. They provide the same lustrous eye appeal as pure gold, but without the fragility and inflated price. Because they’re crafted from ultra-durable metals like NASA-inspired tungsten and plated with 14K gold, you can enjoy classic gold women’s wedding band styles without worrying about damage.

3. Modern Minimalism

dark meteorite women’s wedding ring

Those shopping for alternative wedding bands for her may want to consider a minimalist piece. Not everyone enjoys wearing flashy jewelry, so we make wedding rings with simple, subtle designs. That said, they’re far from boring! A sleek, black wedding band is a statement piece in its own way—perfect for women who prefer the darker side of fashion.

4. Matching Couples’ Sets

tungsten meteorite couples’ wedding ring set

Wedding bands are deeply personal, and sharing that special connection by wearing matching rings can really strengthen your bond. That’s why we offer wedding ring sets for him and her. These men’s and women’s wedding band styles will serve as a poignant reminder of two separate lives joined together and forever intertwined. 

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