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So, you’ve decided to pop the question! Or maybe you’ve decided to surprise your partner with a new ring. There’s just one problem – you don’t know their ring size. No one wants to get a ring their partner can’t even wear because it doesn’t fit. If you've been in a panic about how to check their ring size without them knowing, take a deep breath, because we’ve got your back. Keep reading to discover how to secretly get your fiance’s ring size.

Borrow their Ring

Normally we wouldn’t condone taking something without your partner’s permission, but we think figuring out how to check their ring size is an acceptable occasion. One of the most common strategies is to borrow one of their existing rings that they wear – ideally one worn on their ring finger that fits snugly. If it isn’t one they wear on their ring finger, take note of the finger they do wear it on so you get the most accurate size. Once you have the ring, check if the size is imprinted on the inside. In the case it isn’t, bring it to a jeweler to have it sized.

Trace their Ring

If they’d notice their beloved meteorite ring missing, all hope isn’t lost. Don’t drop the ring back in their drawer quite yet! You have two options for how to check their ring size. Option one: you can use your own ring sizer kit to measure the size yourself. Option two requires you to tap into your crafty side. Grab a piece of paper, and trace a circle around the inner diameter of the ring to help jewelers figure out sizing.

Compare with Your Own Fingers

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Figuring out how to check their ring size without being as artistic as usual? It’s understandable that you may not have much time to keep their ring without them realizing it. One of the quickest ways to find out their ring size is to compare their ring with your own fingers. Slip their fave ring on your finger and draw a line with a pen to mark where it sits. You could also try the ring on each of your fingers to see which (if any) it fits on and get that finger measured.

Subtly Ask

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While possibly one of the most difficult ways on our list of how to check your fiance’s ring size, this strategy also might land you the most accurate measurement. Put on your best poker face and find a way to subtly bring up ring sizes into a conversation. While the technique is up to you, you could always try to use a decoy gift as the conversation starter. Tell your partner that you’re buying a ring as a gift for a friend or family member, and you’re figuring out how to secretly get their ring size. Tread carefully so they don’t see through your plan.

Phone a Friend

We get that asking your fiance their ring size might be out of the question, and so is trying to sneak it into a conversation. You may be as smooth as butter, but there’s definitely a high risk of roused suspicion. Figuring out how to check ring size isn’t as simple as choosing between tungsten wedding rings and rose gold wedding bands. The next best way is to ask one of their friends or family members if they have a relative idea of what your partner’s ring size is. Even if they don’t know, you could always have them casually ask about ring size instead. Make sure it’s someone you know can keep a secret!

Recruit Others

Friends and family have no clue your fiance’s ring size, either? You can still secretly get your fiance’s ring size! How, you ask? Recruit a friend or family member to help join the cause, and have them take your special someone window shopping for jewelry. Have your accomplice pretend that they’re looking for jewelry for themselves and want your partner’s advice about what to get. Once window shopping, they can try on rings together – and get your fiance’s ring size.

Measure While They’re Asleep

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This method on our list of how to check your partner’s ring size is for the deep sleepers only. While they’re dreaming away, you can either use a ring measurer, tape measure, or slip a tied piece of string around their finger to help a jeweler determine the size of a new ring

You’re not alone in wondering how to secretly get your fiance’s ring size without them knowing. Luckily for all of the surprise planners like you, discovering how to check your partner’s ring size for a surprise new ring or couples’ wedding ring set has never been easier. Whichever stealthy technique you choose – and how successful you are at pulling it off – they’ll love the effort you put in to get them their ring.