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When it comes to choosing the right men's wedding band for your special day, you likely have more questions than you have answers. For far too long, men have not had many options when it comes to wedding bands, traditional metals such as gold or silver. Luckily, those days are over. Today, we have countless options that are both strong and durable and at the same time modern and stylish.

The Alpha Tungsten Wedding Ring

1. Tungsten

  • Durability: Tungsten is very popular due to its durability. It is scratch-resistant and perfect for people who live active lifestyles.
  • Hardness: It’s nearly impossible to bend tungsten, so your ring will never go out of shape. Compared to silver and gold which will bend easily over time, requiring reshaping.
  • Weight: Tungsten a similar density as gold, making it nice and hefty. It’s also nowhere as expensive.

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The Jack Damascus and Wood Wedding Ring

2. Damascus Steel

  • Durability This metal was used by the warriors of ancient times, due to its extreme durability and strength. Literally VIKINGS used this metal.
  • Scratch Resistant The biggest advantage that this metal has is it is scratch resistant, making it now a widely used option for men's wedding bands.
  • Unique Damascus steel is made by forging two different metals together. That makes for attractive one-of-a-kind patterns and eye-catching designs. No two damascus wedding bands are alike.

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The Manhattan Rose Gold Wedding Ring

3. Rose Gold

  • Aesthetics Rose Gold consists of a mix resembling 75% Gold, and 25% Copper. It has a similar metallic shine to standard Yellow Gold, but with a pink/red hue. Some have described the feeling you get seeing Rose Gold as warming yet luxurious.
  • Durability Rose gold on its own is not a very strong metal and can be scratched. Thats why many wedding rings today are available in rose gold tungsten. This combines the sleek look of rose gold with the durability of tungsten. Making this a very popular option.

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These are just 3 of the most popular materials for men's wedding rings. But there's much more to choose from. In the past, men did not have many options. Thats why Madera Bands was born. Their motto is: "The perfect band for every man." They offer an array of options at affordable prices. Take a look:

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