Top 5 Materials For Men’s Wedding Rings

People give very little thought about the material for Men’s wedding rings. However, men are becoming more thoughtful about choosing the perfect metal for rings. As a wedding ring or band is the symbol of a lasting relationship, the material of the ring should be both aesthetic and of course durable.

In this article, we will talk about the top 5 best materials for men’s wedding rings. You will learn the pros and cons of each of these materials. We believe that would allow you to pick the right material for your wedding ring of choice.

Top 5 Materials For Men’s Wedding Rings 

For this list, we have picked the most popular ring materials for men in recent years. These are very much in fashion right now and also have been proven to be long-lasting. So, let’s get started.

1. Titanium 

Titanium is rather a non-traditional material for Men’s wedding rings or wedding bands. But that’s what makes it all the more unique. If you are an athletic person who works with tools daily, you should get a titanium ring. This dark-gray metal is hard and durable. In fact, titanium is harder than steel, platinum, silver, or gold. Yet, it is lightweight and low density. 

The metal is also scratch-resistant. But titanium is not easy to shape. Hence, it is difficult to resize or fix. Besides, you will see very few designs of titanium rings. 


  • Looks trendy 
  • Affordable price
  • No fear of allergic reaction
  • Hard and durable


  • Hard to work with
  • Fewer ring designs 

 2. Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the most common metal for wedding rings for both men and women. It is the traditional metal used for centuries. The gold used for making the ring is not pure 24k gold. It will always contain another metal for solidity. Hence, the gold rings are 18-14 karat gold. 

One of the best advantages of yellow gold is that it does not corrode, tarnish, or rust. So, you can expect it to retain the gold color for all your life. Also, the gold color is more compatible with different skin tones. The downside of gold rings is the possibility of allergic reactions, as it contains nickel and copper. 


  • Less costly than platinum
  • Beautiful long-lasting color
  • Can be resized and shaped in any design 


  • Color can be affected by chlorine and bleach
  • Can cause an allergic reaction

 3. Rose Gold

Rose gold is a mix of gold and copper. Sometimes it also contains a little bit of silver. It can appear reddish or pink depending on the ratio of copper and gold. The higher the amount of copper is, the redder the rose gold will be. Most people prefer the color of 14k rose gold.  Typically, rose gold contains 58 percent gold and 42 % of copper and silver.

Rose gold has become very popular and trendy among both brides and grooms in recent years because of its unique and romantic color. Rose gold wedding bands are quite durable.  It is stronger than white gold and yellow gold. Besides, the price is also affordable.


  • It has a beautiful color.
  • Suitable for all skin complexions.
  • Affordable price
  • Durable than other gold


  • Can cause an allergic reaction
  • few wedding bands come in rose gold

 4. Tungsten

Tungsten is a metal for men who have a very active lifestyle. This dark silvery metal is harder than titanium. It has become a common metal for men’s wedding rings. Since it is so strong, it hardly needs any maintenance even after hard use.

In spite of being so durable, it is lighter than platinum. As the metal is pure, there is no chance of allergic reaction. Also, tungsten wedding bands are less expensive than platinum, gold, or palladium. 


  • One of the strongest metals for men’s wedding bands
  • Variation of colors
  • Does not get scratch marks
  • Never lose its shine


  • Hard metal. Not easy to resize
  • Heavier than many other most metals

 5. Carbon Fiber

Nowadays, many men are interested in non-traditional metals for wedding bands. One of the choices is carbon fiber which has become popular as a jewelry material in recent years. 

Wedding bands made of carbon fiber are lightweight and comfortable. If you are allergic to metals, you will have no problem with carbon fiber as it is hypoallergenic. Carbon fiber is actually metal. It is in fact a material made of woven fibers. So, you can get various patterns and color combinations on your wedding band too. It is also easy to remove scuff marks from carbon fiber rings.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Variation of patterns and colors
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Carbon fiber is conductive
  • Colors are limited to shades of black

How To Choose The Metal Of Men’s Wedding Rings?

There are many materials for Men’s wedding rings and metals these days. So, you can get confused about which to choose. But you can consider a few things to select the right ring material for you. 

The first choice is matching the material with your fiancé. Many couples prefer to wear similar design wedding rings. Thus, you can just match the material with your partner. 

Secondly, consider the price of the ring. The material and design of the ring influence the price. If you have a good budget, you can choose a material that is hard, durable and does not fade away easily. 

Next, the point to consider is the allergic reaction caused by metals. You will wear the ring for most of the day. Therefore, before choosing a wedding ring. So, learn about the metals used to make it. Avoid metals that are common to cause allergic reactions. Better stick to hypoallergenic metals. 


By now, you must have a good idea about materials for Men’s wedding rings or wedding bands for men. Apart from the materials mentioned in this article, you will find many other non-traditional materials that are used for men’s rings. However, these five materials are the trendiest these days. 

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